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To celebrate the life of the Huntly Writers poet, Brian Nisbet, the 2018 Huntly Hairst will hold the Brian Nisbet Poetry Award for the third year.


Prizes will be given for the best poem on the theme of




Poems should be between 4 and 40 lines long and with the theme, “Autumn”


There are four categories based on age:

up to and including 11

age 12 to 16

17 and over - “amateur” category (not a published poet)

17 and over – poet has been published, excluding self-published


Entries must be submitted, with name, category, and contact information attached separately to


Orbs Community Bookshop, Deveron Street, Huntly


or by e-mail to


by mid-day on the 24th August


Only one entry is allowed per person.


Entry is free.



 Prizes will be awarded at the Huntly Hairst on

 Saturday 1st September in the Stewarts Hall at 4pm

The Tattie Man Competition

Can you list all the tattie varieties mentioned in the Tattie Man's Song?


Get in touch with us via email  or the contact form on the website.


The lucky winner, drawn from all the correct entries,  will win a


£ 10.00 Farmers Market Voucher


The draw will take place on the Saturday the week before the Hairst and the lucky winner will be notified by us.

Shortbread Competition


Bake your favourite Shortbread and place a minimum of 4 pieces on a plate.

Write your name and telefon number on a piece of paper and hand in both at the Stewarts Hall from 10.30am onwards.


Judging will be from 4.00pm

Good luck and Happy Baking!